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Date Night Skin Care Routine for Men


Whether getting ready to hit the town with a special someone or a first date, it’s important to look your best. Very often a guy will take the time to shave, but neglect taking care of his skin for when a close encounter happens. Use the following date night skin care routine to put your best foot forward.


Step 1: Cleanse

When going on a date, having a bright, clear complexion is important. You want to look like you have a certain energy to you. Splash some warm water on your face (or in the shower) and gently rub in a men’s face wash. Take 30 seconds to let the face wash sit on the skin, dissolving any oil or impurities sitting in your pores, helping add a glow to your face. When finished, wash off with cool water.


Step 2: Exfoliate

If you’re a guy with oily skin or prone to acne/build up on your face, using a men’s face scrub is paramount to a better complexion. A scrub will remove the build up and oil on your face, letting a cleaner complexion show through.

After washing your face, with it still wet, gently rub a face scrub all over your face, especially targeting the areas where build up occurs the most – the forehead and nose. Don’t overwork the scrub in, as it will cause your face to look irritated and red. When finished, rinse the scrub off with cool water.


Step 3: Moisturize

The final step of a date night skin care routine is hydrating the skin. A men’s face moisturizer will help the skin look firm and tight. After thoroughly drying your face, apply a face moisturizer for men all over the skin, especially around any areas that have excessive dryness. Even if you have oily skin, a thin layer of moisturizer will help the skin prevent excess oil (yes you read that right).

If you have bags or dark circles around your eyes, use a men’s eye cream to fight these off. Bags and dark circles are caused by fluid and blood building up around the eyes, and a men’s eye cream will help this fluid drain back into the body. You only need a dab of eye cream and make sure to work it in under the eye and around the eye socket.

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