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3 Skincare Mistakes Most Guys Make and How to Fix Them

Man applying skincare products

Maybe you're like most guys:

  • You don't want to spend an hour shopping for men’s grooming products in the store. 
  • You don’t want to compare multiple soaps and creams.
  • You don't want to wind up with a shelf full of skincare for men products you don’t even know how to use. 
  • You do want a quick, easy, and effective approach to skincare.

Fair enough. The good news? That last one is totally possible.

But it can also get you into trouble. What if - with the goal of finding a simple men’s grooming routine - you take it too far?

Could you be making major skincare mistakes just because you don’t feel like learning more about how to take good care of your skin?

Consider these three common skincare mistakes that most guys make. And apply the easy tips on how to improve your approach to men’s grooming.

#1 - You use the same soap for everything.

Your face deserves a special kind of attention. You shouldn’t be washing the sensitive skin on your face with the same stuff you use to lather your pits and pubes.

For starters, use a natural face wash for men with natural and organic ingredients. For example, a face wash with activated charcoal will clean away bacteria and dirt without the harsh pH imbalance you get from most soaps.

That’s for your face. Now for your body.

To really make a change for the better, switch from that same old soap bar to body wash for men or a natural soap bar for men.

  • Body Wash: Suffer from dry, itch skin? Go with body wash for men. It won’t remove your skin’s natural oils or leave your skin dehydrated. Choose a body wash with natural, hydrating ingredients.

#2 - You shave with foaming shave cream.

Foaming shave cream is not protecting your skin. In fact, it does more harm than good. That’s because it creates a minimal barrier between your razor blade and your skin. All that foam and lather - which is essentially just air bubbles - isn’t doing much to prevent shave irritation.

Fix this by switching to a no-foam shave cream for men. Choose a shave cream for men with a lotion base. This will improve your shave dramatically. A natural shave cream for men prevents nicks and cuts. It also minimizes redness, ingrown hairs, and other common after-shave irritation.

Want to take things one step further and really nail your shave routine for men? Add natural aftershave. Make sure it’s alcohol-free and contains soothing ingredients that will heal and calm your skin. This is especially important if you frequently suffer from post-shave irritation. 

#3 - You think that washing is enough.

Using a face wash for men twice daily is an important first step in effective men’s grooming. But you can’t stop there. You need to add a face moisturizer for men to your routine. Why?

Washing your face removes impurities, unclogs your pores, and leaves you with a clean slate. But you need to ensure that you don’t wind up with dry, flaky skin over the course of the day. And to look your best, you need your skin to stay hydrated.

By using face moisturizer for men after washing, you are locking in moisture. Natural ingredients - such as jojoba oil - protect your skin from water loss. 

One of the major culprits in dehydration and skin dryness is the sun. But what if you can’t avoid being outside for more than 30 minutes?

Definitely use sun protection. If you're going to spend 30 minutes or more outdoors, use a face moisturizer for men with natural SPF in the morning. This will protect your skin and save you from the aging and drying effects of the sun on your skin. 

Improve Your Skin, Improve Your Life

Your skin is a reflection of yourself. Your life, your health. It's worth taking the time to make improvements.

It doesn't have to be hard. Small changes will make a big difference. Use face wash for men and face moisturizer for men. Switch to a body wash for men or a natural soap bar for men. You - and everyone around you - will appreciate the benefits. 

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