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5 Core Principles of Men’s Skincare and Grooming

Man holding skincare serum

Why does skincare matter to you? Why do you spend time each day on your grooming routine?

Every guy has their own personal reasons for focusing on skincare and grooming. But there are essential, core principles that apply across the board to all men. If you stick to these principles of good skincare and grooming, you’ll find the best products for you, enjoy better skin, and gain more confidence.

1 - It Matters

There is immense value wrapped up in your skincare and grooming routine. It can be broken down into a few key areas:

Personal. Taking control of your appearance boosts confidence. An effective skincare and grooming routine for men helps you know you look your best. It helps define you as a modern, successful man.

Professional. In the professional world, appearances matter. Showing others that you care about your skin sends a signal that you are a detail oriented, trustworthy man who has not lost his business edge.

Financial. Research shows that looking your best and feeling confident lead to greater earnings over the course of your career, as much as $230,000 more. That’s far more than the modest cost of an effective men’s skincare routine.


2 - High Quality Gets Better Results

The best skincare products for men will bring you the most satisfying results. If you use products with harsh detergents, you will dry out and possibly irritate your skin. That leads to dryness, deeper wrinkles, and lackluster skin.


3 - Looking Your Best Is Always a Good Thing

If you have to stand out for something, it’s better to stand out for looking your best. You don’t want to be the guy with dry, irritated, or oily skin.

The aging process only makes this more important. Age is just a number, true. But that won’t stop other people from judging you unfairly just based on your skin. It hurts to be seen as old, out of date, or irrelevant just because you look a bit older than other guys.

Take back your confidence and ensure that you control how the world sees you with an anti-aging routine for men. Choose high quality products that diminish wrinkles, brighten the eyes, and prevent sun damage.


4 - Good Grooming Takes Practice

Grooming and skincare are not hard. But like most worthwhile things in life, they take practice if you really want to be successful. How so?

As you make skincare a daily habit, you’ll get to know your skin better. You’ll learn which products work best for your skin type. And you’ll discover the most effective way to make your skin look fantastic.


5 - Get into a Good Routine

Once you’ve gotten some good skincare practice, you need to follow a routine. A consistent, daily skincare routine for men is the best way to ensure you always look great. If you want positive long term results, start now and stick to it.

If you’re brand new to skincare, start with a face wash for men and face moisturizer for men twice daily in the morning and evening.

Want to deal with oily skin? Add a skin toner for men to your daily routine and use face scrub for men every other day.

Dry or sensitive skin? Your basic routine can be enhanced with anti-aging cream for men that provides additional hydration. If you spend time outdoors everyday, a face moisturizer for men with SPF is essential. 

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