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5 Simple, Everyday Grooming Tips for Men

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Skincare and grooming for men can seem complicated. As more and more guys get interested in looking their best, new products become available. The experts seem to recommend increasingly complex and exaggerated skincare regimens. Use this, then that, then that, then that, then… by the time you’re done you won’t have time for anything else.

What’s the good of a skincare routine for men that takes up all your time? And what if it isn’t even effective to boot?

The best way to take care of your skin is with a simple, effective routine. Here’s how to achieve it with 5 grooming tips for men.


1 - Simplify 

If your men’s grooming routine gets too complex, you’re far less likely to stick to it. Keep things simple and ultimately you’ll get better results.

What does simple mean? Easy: Wash. Moisturize. Done. That’s all you have to do each morning and evening. Use a natural face wash for men and the best face moisturizer for men.

A few times each week, add one step in between: Exfoliate. For that you’ll need a face scrub for men.

Even if you start to add more products to your total weekly skincare regimen, don’t let it become too complicated. Even an advanced anti aging routine for men should be simple, straightforward, and effective.


2 - You Need a Mirror

You washed and hydrated your face. You combed and styled your hair. But now you’ve been outside most of the morning. And you just had lunch. And you have no idea how you look. And you have an important meeting in just a few minutes.

You need a mirror. No, you don’t have to start carrying around a little makeup mirror. But you do need a quick way to address any grooming issues throughout the day. 

Chill out guys - you probably already have one with you. Your phone. Set the camera to selfie mode and take a quick look to make sure your style is still impeccable. These little checks throughout the day will significantly step up your grooming game.


3 - Travel with Your Grooming Essentials

Travel means anytime you leave the house, not just when you’re flying across the country. Don’t leave home without a few of your grooming essentials. This can be as simple as a mini Dopp kit in your glove compartment, a small kit in your desk, or a small pocket in your gym bag.

Keep the simple essentials with you - comb, floss, deodorant, etc. - anything you may need to quickly fix up your style while you’re out of the house.


4 - Hand Care Matters

Keep your hands clean and hydrated all day. You’ll feel more confident, look better, and always be prepared to make a solid first impression. Just keep hand sanitizer and natural hand cream for men with you. Again, this fits easily in your desk, in your car, or in a gym bag.

When your hands are clean, you’re less likely to get sick or develop skin breakouts. So this is more about health than just grooming. Clean hands are a must. 


5 - Brighten Your Eyes

This is an essential if you don’t get enough sleep, often have dark eye circles, or just generally tend to look tired in the morning. A small jar of eye cream for men is all you need. Apply it under your eyes to brighten up your look at the start of the day - or any other time you’re looking (and feeling) run down. 


Make Grooming a Habit

Taking care of your appearance - better known as men’s grooming - is critical for everyone. Don’t skimp on the way you present yourself to others. Use these 5 simple grooming tips for men to be confident in the way you look all day, no matter where you go - all while keeping things easy and uncomplicated.

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