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5 Simple Ways to Get Better Skin

Man applying skincare product

You deserve to have healthy, great looking skin. Unfortunately, many guys don’t make time for this important detail. They may make time for fitness, going to the gym several times a week and sacrificing other pursuits in order to stay healthy. But what about their skin?

Making time to take better care of your skin is an investment in yourself. Don’t you deserve to look and feel your very best?

Don’t let anyone scare you into thinking that having great skin requires hours of ointment application and expensive trips to the dermatologist. If you start with these 5 simple tips, you’ll notice significantly better skin within just a few weeks.

1 - Drink plenty of water.

Hydration is key to healthy, bright, smooth skin. When you’re dehydrated, so is your skin. So make sure you drink plenty of water everyday.

Notice that the key is drinking water - not just any liquids. If you skip water and reach for soda, sugary juice, and similar drinks instead, you won’t get the best results for your skin.

How to do it: Keep a large, refillable water bottle with you at all times. Set an alarm on your phone every hour to remind you to have another drink of water. Keep track of all the liquids you drink in a day and set a strict limit on how many sugary beverages you have.


2 - Reduce sugar.

A lot of guys consume much more sugar in liquid form than they realize. Soft drinks, juices, and sweet, creamy coffees are all packed with sugar. If you down a few each day, you’re increasing your risk for inflammation and bad skin.

How to do it: Keep track of the things you eat and drink in a day. How many of them are loaded down with sugar? Avoid sugary snacks by preparing healthier, natural snacks such as fresh fruit and vegetable slices.


3 - Limit sun exposure.

UV radiation from sunlight is the most significant contributor to the aging process. The sun’s rays damage your skin, causing wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

Think you look better with a tan? You won’t in a few years when the accumulated effect of all that sun exposure leaves you with worn, wrinkled skin. So do everything you can now to avoid unnecessary sun exposure.

How to do it: Stay out of the sun when its rays are strongest - from about 11am - 3pm. If you have to be out in the sun during the heat of the day, use a wide brimmed hat, long sleeves, and sunglasses.

Even if you won’t be out in the direct sunlight for hours at a time, you should use an SPF product daily. Sunblock isn’t just for a long day at the beach - it should be part of your everyday skincare habit. Always apply an SPF face moisturizer for men before you head outside. Choose a mineral based SPF 15 or higher product to avoid applying potentially harmful chemicals to your skin.


4 - Follow an effective skincare routine.

A daily skincare routine will keep your skin clean, smooth, and hydrated. For the best results, start simple. All you need is a 2 step routine - face wash for men and face moisturizer for men. Use them every morning and evening. Choose the best natural skincare products for men to avoid potentially harmful ingredients.


5 - Get plenty of sleep.

Your body needs about 8 hours of sleep each night to keep your skin looking its best. Even if it’s not currently realistic for you to hit that goal, make small steps by adding 15-30 minutes of rest each night. Any additional rest you can get will contribute to better skin - and better health overall.


Start Today

You don’t have to apply all 5 tips immediately if that seems daunting. Start small. Choose the one that’s easiest for you to attain and work at it. Keep track of your progress. You’ll soon notice healthier skin - and likely a healthier you too.

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