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6 Simple Men’s Grooming Hacks

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Life hacks have become all the rage. Guys are hunting for clever ways to make life’s simple tasks even easier. And that applies to men’s grooming as well.

You deserve a powerful, effective approach to skincare and grooming. If you’re not quite there yet, these 6 simple men’s grooming hacks can help. Use them to upgrade and improve your skincare habits. Enjoy the results!


1 - Scrub in the Shower

You should be using face scrub for men 3-4 times each week to exfoliate your skin. A men's facial scrub removes dead skin cells, brightens your complexion, and prevents acne breakouts. All good, right?

The trouble is, some guys struggle to develop a good routine of using face scrub. It’s easy to wash your face twice daily - you do that every day. But remembering to get out the men’s face scrub every other day… that’s hard if you’re forgetful or new to skincare.

Make the process easier on yourself - just leave your face scrub in the shower. That way it’s right there. You don’t have any excuses about taking extra time to exfoliate. All you have to do is apply a nickel size amount, gently rub in on your face, and rinse.

When looking for the best natural men's face exfoliator, look no further than our own Renewing Face Scrub. It's packed with gentle scrubbing particles like pumice and jojoba beads that effective rid the skin of micro debris, revealing a softer, brighter complexion underneath.


2 - Shave While (or Just After) You Shower

Leave your razor in the shower with a small mirror so you can shave right then and there. Bonus points if you use hack #1 to scrub and then shower after. The combination of the warm water, steam, and face scrub will give you a great shave.

After you’re done showering, don’t forget to apply an alcohol free aftershave. You still need to soothe and hydrate your skin. Our Instant Relief Aftershave gets the job done with nourishing, natural ingredients, such as aloe, coconut, and hyaluronic acid.


3 - Moisturize Before You Shave

Struggling with shave irritation? Don’t love the idea of shaving in the shower? Try using face moisturizer for men before you shave. This hydrates the skin and reduces the risk of nicks, razor burn, and ingrown hairs - all while combating the major signs of aging. That's a win-win. 

Opt for our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer to prepare your skin for a great shave with extra hydration and protection.


4 - Hand Cream for Hair

No, don’t slather your hair down with hand cream. But you can use it to fix up your style if you’re hairdo’s gotten a bit out of control.

Already carry hand cream for men with you? Great. Rub a small amount on your hands and then run that over your hair to adjust any stray strands. It’s great on dry or windy days when your hair can get blown all over the place and become frizzy.

Consistently struggling with out of control hair? You should consider improving your men’s hair care routine or switching to a natural wax pomade for men.


5 - Mask, Then Shower

Have you noticed how these hacks focus on efficiency? Too many guys ignore skincare because it seems troublesome or time consuming. Time to fix that.

Guys who deal with blemishes, breakouts, dull skin, and excess oil should be using a face mask for men. It deep cleans your pores, tones the skin, and leaves you with a fresh, youthful appearance.

But many men make up excuses to skip this. “I don’t have 10 minutes to wait before I rinse it off.” “The mask will be messy.” “It’s too much hassle to clean up after.”

Nope. Just hack away those complaints - with this simple hack. Apply your men’s face mask before you shower. Coat your skin, wait about 10-15 minutes to let it dry and take effect, and then rinse it off in the shower. Just remember to apply a face moisturizer for men afterwards to restore moisture.


6 - Scrub Your Hands

Get something oily or sticky on your hands? Mix a tiny bit of face scrub with your hand soap. The grit designed to cut through oily buildup on your face will also get rid of the grease on your hands. It’s a great way to eliminate crud on your hands that won’t scrub away with just soap and water.

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