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How to Care for Your Skin While Traveling

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Travel is bad for men’s grooming routines. You leave home and all the good skincare for men habits you have in place tend to stay behind. 

Sometimes this departure from everyday life can be a good thing. You get to refresh your mind, reduce stress, and gather yourself mentally and emotionally. It’s great for creativity, renewing relationships, and just all around feeling better.

But it’s not so great for your skin. 

The problem isn’t just having your routine thrown out of whack. You may also be sleeping in uncomfortable surroundings. Dealing with jet lag can be tough. And many trips will take you to a different climate you aren't used to.

Has your career made you a frequent flyer? Love to travel? Have a trip planned for the near future?

Use these tips to make sure your men's skincare routines don't suffer while you're away.


Pack the Essentials

Bring along your men’s grooming essentials. Never rely on complimentary hotel soaps and shampoos. The combination of travel stress and products you are not used to is no good for your skin. 

Get travel sizes of your favorite skincare for men products. You do not need to switch to a new product for travel. Already love your face wash for men? Pick up travel sizes that will prevent waste and unneeded expense. Make sure that they are TSA approved containers if you plan on carrying them on your flight.

Where are you packing all these skincare necessities? Grow up - invest in a Dopp kit for men. This is the grown man’s toiletry kit. Easy to pack, convenient, and masculine. Don’t leave for your trip without one.


Don’t Skip the Moisturizer

Travel is hard on your skin; this is no time to skip face moisturizer for men. If you’re traveling for work - or dealing with family - travel can be stressful. 

Sleeping well can be impossible too. Resting in hotels or on a pull-out couch in your aunt's basement is not fun. Throw in jet lag and you’re basically doomed to tired skin and dark circles under your eyes. Unless...

…you get smart and pack your face moisturizer for men. Use it daily. Once in the morning and once in the evening after using a face wash for men is best. It will keep your face hydrated and fresh, no matter where your travels take you.


Plan Ahead for Late Nights

Business or pleasure? Regardless, your trip likely to include at least one late night. Prepare for the toll that will take on your skin. Pack eye cream for men

How does eye cream for men help? It promotes good circulation in the sensitive skin around your eyes. If you don’t get enough sleep, blood and other fluid tends to pool in this area. That causes puffiness, inflammation, and dark circles.

Above all, don’t skip your routine. Take five minutes - no matter how late or how early it is - to use face wash for men and face moisturizer for men. Then maximize your results by using eye cream for men. You will thank yourself in the morning.


Prevent Sunburn

Traveling to warmer climes? Headed out for a summer beach vacation? Do not forget your sunblock. Unless you want to ruin your skin and increase your risk for skin cancer, be sure to pack SPF 15 or higher.

Apply your sunblock 15 minutes before you head outside. Reapply throughout the day to stay protected. 

This one is a no brainer. But make sure you bring along a natural sunscreen for men that uses zinc based SPF. That way you won't have to use a chemical sunscreen with questionable ingredients from a local drug store.


Make Travel Easy 

Don’t skip your men’s grooming routine just because you’re away from home. Bring travel sizes of your skincare for men products. Make moisturizing a priority. And hide the late nights with eye cream for men

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