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How to Handle Men’s Grooming in Your 20’s

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Youth is fleeting. Sure, you’re in your 20’s now. But that isn’t going to last long. Ask anyone over 30. If you want to keep your youthful skin for years to come, you need to start taking care of it now. Educate yourself on men’s grooming. You’ll be able to create a great skincare for men routine to use in your 20’s.

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a series of articles on how to handle men’s grooming at different stages of life. Starting with your 20’s, you’ll see how your skin changes. And why your men’s grooming routine should be adaptable.


Your 20’s: The Pros

The roaring 20’s. You’re at your physical peak. You’ve got energy, health, good skin, and plenty of time ahead of you. But that doesn’t mean that you can ignore men’s grooming. Not if you want to hold on to your healthy skin.

Here’s the good news: Most guys are in the men’s grooming sweet spot in their 20’s. Even if you suffered from severe acne during your teenage years, it’s most likely fading at this point. But you don’t have crows feet or other major signs of aging either. 


Your 20’s: The Cons

The skincare cons of being in your 20’s are more about lifestyle than your actual skin. Most guys live fast and hard during these youthful years. You’re probably not getting much sleep. You probably have a few more drinks than you should a bit more often than you should.

It’s fun. But it’s no so great for your skin. Remember, you need to get plenty of sleep to look your best. So don’t burn the midnight oil too often. 

It can also be hard to wrap your mind around the idea of prevention in your 20’s. The potential harm of not using natural men’s grooming products seems distant and unimportant. The same goes for sun damage. Even if you know that bad sunburns can ruin your skin, it can be hard to care enough to actually use sun protection. 

How can you move past these issues and stay motivated to take care of your skin?


Keep It Simple

You’re in your 20’s. You don’t need a complicated men’s grooming routine. Chances are you don’t have much money to invest in skincare either. And most guys in their 20’s are not exactly well-known for being organized enough to follow much of a routine.

First, you need to know your skin type. Use this handy guide if you’re not sure. From there, skincare for men in your 20’s is easy. Just follow these 3 steps:

  • Wash. You’re an adult. It’s time to upgrade from your hair-covered, germ-infested bar soap. Get natural face wash for men. Choose one that’s designed for your skin type. Use it twice daily - once after you wake up and once before you go to bed.
  • Scrub. This will massively improve your shave. Use face scrub for men after washing to prevent ingrown hairs, redness, and irritation. Don’t exfoliate with face scrub more than 3 times each week. A little goes a long way.
  • Moisturize. If you have a complex about the word “moisturize,” rebrand it as “hydrate.” Regardless of what you call it, this is a must. It’s the final step in your everyday routine. Use about a dime size amount of face moisturizer for men all over your face. It will keep your skin healthy, bright, and hydrated throughout the day.

Bonus: Sun Protection. If you’re going to be out in the sun for more than 15 minutes, you need to wear sunscreen. This is the best way to protect your skin from future damage. And it’s important for your health too. Skin cancer is a very real danger - but a preventable one. Always use sunblock and you’ll have better skin while also reducing your risk of developing serious health problems. 


Understand the Benefits

Feeling unmotivated about your men’s grooming routine? Remind yourself of these benefits and it will be easier to follow:

  • Personal Life. You’re young. You’re meeting new people all the time. Newsflash: No one likes blemishes. You want to be successful in the dating scene? Make sure your skin is clean and acne-free. The best way to do that is by following the simple routine outlined above.
  • Business Success. It can be hard to land your first great job after college. Make things easier on yourself by nailing your men’s grooming game and maybe even trying a pedicure for men. Clean, healthy skin always makes a good first impression.
  • Slow Down the Aging Process. It may seem a long way off, but you will eventually get old. Sad but true. But you have the power to slow doing the aging process and prevent early-onset wrinkles. Stick to your daily men’s grooming routine. It only takes about 5 minutes but the benefits will last for years.


Use Quality Men’s Grooming Products

Some guys are stingy in their 20’s. You don’t have much and you don’t want to spend it on anything non-essential. But the truth is that men's grooming in your 20’s in essential. Don’t try to get by on cheap drugstore products that are packed with synthetic, skin-damaging chemicals. 

Invest in your skin and your future. Start using the best skincare for men products now. You’ll look your best and ensure that your skin stays great long after your 20’s are behind you. 

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