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How to Prevent Maskne for Men

How to Prevent Maskne for Men

If you wear a mask all day, chances are you’re going to develop some acne blemishes as a result. Thus the term “maskne”. This isn’t shocking to dermatologists and skincare experts. But if you don’t know much about how acne occurs, you won’t be able to properly address and prevent it.

The pores on your face function much like pipes. If they get clogged by dirt, bacteria, oil, and other daily buildup, the result can be an acne blemish.

Since wearing a mask increases inflammation and traps both dirt and oil on your face, it’s no wonder wearing one puts you at a higher risk of developing acne. But instead of getting mad at the mask, learn to adapt to these unique times with a maskne prevention routine for men.

Use a Clean, Natural Fiber Fabric Face Mask

If you use a fabric face mask, make sure it’s one made of natural fibers. They are less irritating to your skin and as a result do not cause as much inflammation. Look for masks made with performance fabrics and moisture wicking materials like those you’d find in fitness apparel.

Perhaps the biggest contributor to maskne is just plain laziness. Do not re-use your mask day in and day out without washing it. That’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to acne.

As you go about your day, your mask will accumulate dirt, sweat, oil, and other debris. Wearing that day after day builds up even more junk - all of which can aggravate your skin and clog your pores.

Make it an obligatory habit to wash your face masks on a regular basis. Don’t be lazy. Don’t skimp on this. Wash those masks! If you only wear a mask for a brief period, you may be able to rewear it once or twice. But all day use means it has to be washed.

A quick note on how to wash your mask: the ideal method for washing all depends on the type of mask you have and how it was made. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations and stick to those.

You may be able to toss your masks in the washing machine, no problem. But others need to be hand washed. The detergent you use also matters. To prevent irritation and possible acne flare ups, choose fragrance-free detergent that does not contain any dyes or other potential irritants.

Stick to a Maskne Prevention Skincare Routine

Adjust your skincare routine to better fit your needs if you’re now wearing a face mask all day long. Here’s an example of a simple routine that takes less than 5 minutes to complete - but that can make all the difference in your maskne struggles.

Before you put on your mask:

Use an acne face wash for men with salicylic acid and gentle natural ingredients. This will ensure that your pores are clear and your skin is free of bacteria before your mask goes on.

acne face wash for men

Follow up with an acne face moisturizer for men that also contains salicylic acid. You don’t want to put your mask on over dry skin since that can lead to further irritation and inflammation. Apply your moisturizer, let it dry, and then put on your mask.

acne face moisturizer for men

When you take your mask off:

Follow the same routine - cleanse with face wash, then hydrate with face moisturizer. It may seem tedious at first, but the reality is you’re preventing maskne with minimal effort. Don’t let a minute or two of skincare overwhelm you.

Even the best acne prevention routine for men can still fail from time to time - especially with the additional element of wearing a fabric face mask all day.

best acne spot treatment for men

Be prepared to treat pimples and other blemishes with the best acne spot treatment for men. Don’t overdo it here. Use a concentrated product in small amounts just once or twice daily on whiteheads or blackheads. Any more than that could cause irritation - easy does it.

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