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How to Trim and Maintain Men’s Eyebrows

Man trimming his eyebrows

Unless you are Anthony Davis, sporting a unibrow isn't cool. Alternatively, having the type of perfectly shaped eyebrows that women beg you to help with theirs isn't ideal either. An important part of any men's eyebrows routine is to know how to trim and maintain their eyebrows, while keeping them looking natural and masculine.

We'll walk you through everything you need to maintain your face caterpillars - plucking, trimming, and overall shaping, Our men's eyebrows tips will help you keep manscaping to a minimum and keep you looking great.



Shaping Men's Eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrow from scratch may not seem like the most relaxing activity, but having a plan can make a world of difference! Male eyebrow shaping requires skills far beyond just trimming or cutting, and can even get as detailed as threading or waxing. 

But if you’re up to the task, all it takes is a bit of patience and precision. After a few trimming sessions, you’ll realize male eyebrow shaping isn’t all that complicated. Take it slow and steady, and eventually, you'll be an expert at male eyebrow shaping from scratch.


Trimming Eyebrows

When ready to trim men's eyebrows, it's important to decide on the length you'd like them to be first. Decide if you want them to be short and tidy or a bit longer for a more wild vibe.

To ensure that both eyebrows are of the same length, draw two lines along either side with an eyebrow pencil – trim any hairs going beyond this line with scissors or an electric trimmer. Once finished trimming, comb them upwards and then use a spoolie brush to define their shape further and keep your brows looking dapper!


Trimming Men's Eyebrows with Scissors

When getting an eyebrow cut, men need to make sure they have the proper tools! Start by combing your men’s eyebrows with your pocket or beard comb and grooming scissors. Push and hold the hair upwards with the comb and snip across just a few millimeters.

After snipping, brush the eyebrows down to check your progress. If you’re a man with thick eyebrows, you may need to repeat this process a few extra times. When you cut your eyebrows, be sure to pay close attention so as to align the length all the way through!


How to Trim Eyebrows with Trimmer

More of an electric guy? You can also trim your eyebrows with a men’s beard or facial hair trimmer. Make sure to always start with the highest possible setting and slowly trim down the eyebrow as making a mistake here may cause a strange look that can take weeks to fix.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Trimming Men's Eyebrows

The objective in either case of eyebrow trimming is to not trim your eyebrows too much. For a more natural but clean look, you will want to avoid a more sculpted, shorter eyebrow that takes away from your facial features in a bad way. Most men only need a few millimeters taken off the top to craft a perfectly trimmed men’s eyebrow. Keep scrolling for more tips on eyebrow trimming for men!


How to Trim Men's Eyebrows When They’re Bushy

Bushy eyebrows? Luckily the trimming process for mens eyebrows is the same for those with less bushy eyebrows. The key is to find your eyebrow shape and then trim accordingly with either a tweezer, scissor, or trimmer. Again, start slow and be careful not to go overboard.


How to Pluck Eyebrows for Men

Also called tweezing - get ready to grab some tweezers and pluck your eyebrows to remove any random stragglers and fix up the fine details.


Should You Pluck Your Eyebrows Before or After a Shower?

Taking a warm shower to soften up your skin. This may sound unnecessary, but you’ll feel a huge difference when tweezing out hairs post-shower. Your hair will slide out much easier and with significantly less discomfort.


How to Pluck Eyebrows for Men with Stray Hairs

Brush your eyebrows to uncover where the random hairs stick out. Pluck any hair that won’t fall in line with your eyebrow. There shouldn’t be too many of these, but only pluck men's eyebrows that are really stubborn.


How to Pluck a Unibrow

Men unibrow plucking is not the most ideal option in terms of pain, but it is effective, and it takes the hair right out of the root. This is most effective for longer-lasting results.

Pluck any and all hair in the unibrow area, while avoiding the first few hairs of each eyebrow. This is the only area on the brow where it’s not only OK, but expected that you should remove all visible hairs.


When You’re Done Plucking Men's Eyebrows, Do This

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of your eyebrows, we suggest rubbing natural men’s aftershave over the areas you just plucked as the skin will be irritated and red. An aftershave for men will help calm irritated skin, reduce redness, and prevent ingrown hairs.


Men's Eyebrows Aftershave

If you want to find the best men's aftershave, look no further than our Instant Relief Aftershave. It leverages powerful natural ingredients - like aloe, coconut, and hyaluronic acid - to quickly soothe and calm upset skin. Best of all, it uses an alcohol-free formula, making it a great choice for guys with very sensitive skin.


Male Threading

As one of the quickest ways in shaping mens eyebrows, this ancient beauty technique is quickly becoming popular among the male grooming set. But how does eyebrow threading work, and do men still need to pluck after?

An aesthetician uses a thick thread looped over itself to 'grab' several hairs at once removing them from the root. There's no uncomfortable pulling sensation or sticky residue left behind, making it less painful on your skin than tweezing or waxing.

Threading takes a few minutes and will last you around 4 weeks (depending on your hair growth). However, plucking might still be required to maintain nice and neat eyebrows.


Eyebrow Threading Men DIY

While male threading might seem like a simple idea, it's generally not recommended. Threads are delicate, so if mistakes are made—like uneven hair pulls—it can be difficult to fix your eyebrows. In the worst case, you may have to wait until your eyebrow hairs grow back. Save yourself some extra work (or embarrassment) and make an appointment with a qualified professional.

While male threading might seem like a simple idea, it's generally not recommended. Threads are delicate, so if mistakes are made—like uneven hair pulls—it can be difficult to fix your eyebrows. In the worst case, you may have to wait until your eyebrow hairs grow back. Save yourself some extra work (or embarrassment) and make an appointment with a qualified professional.


Is Beard Threading a Thing?

Just like eyebrow threading is a thing, so is beard threading. For a professional, immaculate beard, consider male threading from a professional. The precision of threading can help give you the ideal beard shape. Save yourself time by getting your eyebrows and beard threaded at the same time!


Different Eyebrow Shapes for Men

While you may be tempted to start trimming your men’s eyebrows right away, don’t. You first need to determine what your ideal eyebrow shape is based on your facial features. There are three main eyebrow shapes to choose from: angled, rounded, and flat.

And if you have thick eyebrows men, you’ll need to determine if your eyebrows need thinning or if you’ll leave it as is with just a bit of trimming for a better shape. It’s important to remember when grooming your eyebrows that your intent isn’t to come out with a perfectly shaped eyebrow, but a cleaner and more well-kept look.


Angled Men's Eyebrows

An angled or angular eyebrow shape is best suited for those with a wide or round face shape. Angled eyebrows help give an oval shape illusion by making the forehead appear narrower.


Rounded Men's Eyebrows

A rounded eyebrow shape is ideal for those with wide eyes and broad foreheads. Rounded eyebrows provide an overall smoother and more balanced look.


Flat Men's Eyebrows

A flat eyebrow shape is ideal for those with a long face as the horizontal line shape will make the face shape appear shorter. Flat eyebrows can help create a bold, strong look that still remains masculine even if you don't have thick brows.


Other Eyebrow Grooming Options

You also have these options when it comes to eyebrow grooming. The one that works best for you depends on your facial features and preferences.



When it comes to masculine eyebrows, men's eyebrow waxing should be avoided. It might sound like a good way to achieve ultra-thin arches or make tidying up easier, but the effects of waxing are far from temporary.

Waxing can damage the follicle of the hair, meaning you'll not only lose most if not all masculine burliness, you may also have bare spots that may be impossible to grow back as a result. Stick with more traditional methods such as plucking, trimming and cutting instead - there are plenty of ways to keep your brows looking sharp without any permanent consequences!


Gray Hair

From men's thick, bushy eyebrows to fashionable, tweezed eyebrows - trying to get your brows just right can be a tricky feat for men. But if you have some gray hairs in your brows don't pluck them all, leave a few so that it adds character and natural-looking hair growth.

This also ensures the color of your eyebrows match your hair on top of your head - fewer grays mean fewer sparse brows, which could make you look older than you actually are! So men, when it comes to those tricky areas above your eyes – don’t be tempted to over-pluck – keep it natural!


How to Shave Unibrow

Thinking of shaving your unibrow? We highly recommend against shaving your unibrow. Shaving in general does not get rid of the root of the hair. The hair will just grow back.

There are many great alternative methods you can use to get rid of your unibrow including trimming, waxing, and threading. These methods will remove the root of the hair preventing ingrown hair, stubbles, dark spots and other issues that arise because of shaving.


Tools You Need to Shape Men's Eyebrows

With some patience, experimenting and the right tools, like special combs and brushes meant just for men eyebrows, you'll be able to get the definition or style you want. Investing a bit of extra money in good quality products is well worth it too; you won't have to keep replacing cheap tools once they wear out.



A good tweezer makes a world of difference in maintaining your eyebrow so don’t skimp on this powerful tool. A sturdy tweezer provides you with the grip and precision needed to pluck out even the finest of hair. You don’t want to be stuck with a mediocre tweezer that can’t even grip your eyebrow hair.



While you don’t want to use scissors to trim bulky eyebrow hairs, using a good eyebrow scissor to trim long hairs can help keep your brows in shape. Eyebrow scissors come in different angles primarily straight and slightly bent.

Ideally, you’ll want scissors that are sharp and made of premium-quality stainless steel. The ideal eyebrow scissor is dependent on how comfortable you are holding it.



When it comes to male eyebrows, the right eyebrow trimmer can make all the difference. To get the perfect trim and shape that you’re looking for, size matters - and finding the trimmer with just the right blade length is the trick!

Depending on your desired outcome, you’ll want to adjust between different length options for precise results; a good eyebrow trimmer should come equipped with several sizes so you can customize your look.



There are many different types of combs and brushes designed to manage eyebrow hairs. The brush or comb you use is dependent on the texture of your eyebrows.

  • If you have thicker or bushy eyebrows, use a mustache comb to brush your eyebrows upward to help you determine which hairs are longer.
  • If you have thinner eyebrows, use a spooley eyebrow brush or a mascara applicator wand. Yes, you can buy mascara applicators without the actual mascara.

Not sure which brush or comb to use? Have both on hand. As you trim your thicker eyebrows, it may be helpful to have a spooley to help comb out your eyebrow shape.



While it seems like a minor thing, don’t use just any mirror when it comes to your face, especially when completing a task requiring precision like plucking your eyebrows. Ideally, you want to use either a magnifying mirror that is handheld or stands on its own and can be held up to your eye level.

A magnifying mirror gives you better clarity than a regular mirror. This allows you to see hair that may otherwise be too small or fine to see.


Brow Gel

Finish off your eyebrow trim with brow gel. The purpose of brow gel is to tame and hold your eyebrow hair in place adding definition. Take your time when applying brow gel for a neat overall appearance.


How to Maintain the Skin Around Men's Eyebrows

Everyone knows perfect men's eyebrows can make or break a look. But few know that maintaining the skin around your eyebrows is as important. From plucking to trimming, you naturally put wear and tear on the delicate skin. To ensure that it remains smooth and bright, follow these tips.


Natural Face Scrub for Skin

Using a face scrub can help prepare the skin around your eyebrows for trimming. A natural face scrub like our Renewing Face Scrub for Men can exfoliate dead skin and other impurities prepping your skin for a clean trim.


Charcoal Face Mask for Men

If you have acne-prone or oily skin, our Purifying Charcoal Face Mask for Men can remove blemishes and blackheads from your skin without drying it out. This product is made with natural ingredients and is safe to use around the eyes. It’s especially helpful to use before trimming mens eyebrows.


Anti-Aging Routine

If you’re spending time to maintain your eyebrows, chances are your eyebrows and eyes will be noticed. And since your eyes are the door to your soul, make sure the area around your eye is well-maintained.

If you don’t already, add anti-aging products to your routine to minimize the appearance of fine lines and remove wrinkles around your eyes. To get started, check out our Advanced Anti Aging Routine kit featuring 3 amazing products designed for men to fight the aging process.


Are Bushy Eyebrows Attractive on Guys?

It depends on your personal style and preferences. Some people tend to think bushy eyebrows are more attractive on men but, it’s also important to determine if bushy eyebrows are right for your facial features. In some cases, having thinner eyebrows can give you a more balanced, overall look.


How Should Men's Eyebrows Look?

Follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. You don’t want to over-pluck or trim the brow arch as it’s designed to have a slight curve. You want to keep this part as full as possible. It’s important to remember when grooming your eyebrows that your intent isn’t to come out with a perfectly shaped eyebrow, but a cleaner and more well-kept look.


How Does Eyebrow Shape Change Your Face?

Your eyebrows have the power to make or break your look. Finding the right eyebrow shape and width can enhance or hide facial features. For example, if you have eyes that are further apart, having the right eyebrow shape such as thicker eyebrows can make your eyes appear closer together.

The right eyebrow shape can add length to your face and vice versa. It can also enhance your eyes drawing attention away from lower facial features. If you can’t already tell, shaping mens eyebrows makes a world of difference.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to find the perfect eyebrows for men, and how to go about trimming and grooming your eyebrows, you’re ready to take on the world. Just remember: When in doubt, seek professional help.

The wrong men eyebrows shape can make or break you, so it’s important to get it right. With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect brow shape for your face quickly and easily – no matter what your style may be.>

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