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Skincare for Men - Beyond Just Your Face

Man applying body scrub to arm

Skincare is not a topic that most men are comfortable discussing. It seems that the average guy is happy to wash, shampoo, shave, and repeat. That’s about it - and with very little attention to the types of products he’s using and what ingredients may be in them.

But those attitudes are changing more and more. A growing number of men realize both the short and long term value of having a high quality, results-oriented skincare routine.

Maybe that’s been your introduction to the world of skincare. But once you’re taking better care of your face, it makes sense to continue upgrading your approach to personal care and how you present yourself to the world. Here are three ways to do it.


Improve Your Shower Routine

A daily skincare routine for men focused on keeping your face clean, bright, smooth, and hydrated. But you’ve got a lot more skin than just what’s on your face. And you can take better care of it by stepping up your shower routine.

Think of your shower as a few minutes of “you” time. It’s not just a time to scrub down and rinse off. Rather, it’s your time to make sure your hair is remaining healthy, your skin is staying clean and hydrated, and that you’re always presenting your best self to the world.

If you’re still using a soap bar, it’s way past time for an upgrade. Most soaps contain strong detergents that are harsh on your skin. They keep you clean, but in the process they also dry out your skin. The effect is much worse if you already have dry or sensitive skin.

That’s why you should use a natural body wash for men in the shower. Look for natural ingredients that are gentle - like aloe, glycerin, and jojoba.


Hydrate Your Skin, Not Just Your Face

Have you already noticed the benefits of using face moisturizer for men? You can get similar results anywhere with the best body lotion for men.

A lot of guys notice that they leave the shower with dry, tight skin. That’s especially true if you use very hot water. It dries out the skin, leaves it slightly irritated, and makes it prone to sensitivity. To rehydrate your skin post shower, apply a natural body lotion for men with soothing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba.


Stay Fresh and Dry with Natural Ingredients

Even if you’re not a skincare fanatic, controlling body odor is certainly (and hopefully) an essential part of your grooming routine. But have you looked at the ingredients in your antiperspirant recently? You may be surprised by the number of harsh chemicals - including parabens in many brands - that can irritate your skin and may pose larger health risks.

Take a natural approach to staying fresh and clean with a natural deodorant for men. Gentle yet effective ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E, arrowroot, and shea butter will keep you smelling great without any irritation.

The same goes for body powder for men. Whether it’s work, play, fitness, or anything else that has you working up a sweat, you don’t want that to cause chafing, irritation, or odor. So go with a natural body powder for men that ditches the talc for ingredients like corn starch, aloe vera, and provitamin B5.

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