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What Are the Benefits of Body Wash Over a Soap Bar?

What Are the Benefits of Body Wash Over a Soap Bar?

When it comes to liquid body wash versus traditional soap bars, chances are you already have a preference - and you’ve probably stuck to your go-to for awhile.

That said, it’s important that you have all the facts and that you know which form of soap is best for certain situations or skin conditions. Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of liquid body wash and when it might be a better choice than traditional soap bars. 

1. Liquid Body Wash is More Moisturizing

Bar soaps are known to leave a squeaky-clean feeling fresh out of the shower. While some people like this extra-clean feel, others have noticed that it can also be stripping and overly drying for the skin. 

There is some truth here. Though it’s not always the case - and you can certainly find balanced, healthy bar soaps - many bar soaps on the market contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a surfactant that can strip away the body’s natural oils. Plus, they usually have a high pH - around 9-10 - while the body’s pH is usually slightly acidic, resting at around a pH of 5-6. 

This combination of harsh chemicals and high pH can change the skin’s texture and cause irritation as your skin tries to battle its way back to its comfortable pH - not great. 

body wash for men

These are concerns that liquid soap has an easier time avoiding. A liquid soap allows for a better pH for your skin and for the incorporation of healthier, natural ingredients like moisturizing glycerin, jojoba, and aloe vera. This makes liquid options much more suitable in the summer months - when people are facing more sunburn and dry skin - and for sensitive or dry skin. 

2. Body Wash Provides a Luxurious Lather 

Liquid body washes tend to lather much more than their bar form alternatives. A lot of men love this because it offers a more relaxing and comprehensive clean (you can read about more ways to upgrade your shower experience here). 

3. Body Wash Is Travel-Friendly 

Yes, a body wash can explode in your luggage and leave a sticky, fresh-smelling mess. 

But, barring this kind of extreme slip-up (no pun intended), liquid soap is much easier to travel with, particularly if you have a great hair care and bodycare travel kit.

travel size body wash for men

Think about it: you can’t fully dry off a bar of soap, and traveling with a wet, creamy bar in your carry-on is not the most pleasant idea out there.

4. Body Wash Can Be More Hygienic 

This comes down to storage. Bar soaps are usually stored in the shower - either in a soap dish or in the corner of the shower. This high-moisture environment encourages bacteria to accumulate and then get transferred onto your body when you start to “wash”. This can lead to acne, irritation, and even body odor.

To avoid this, store your bar of soap in a completely dry place - or switch to body wash. 

That said, body wash comes with its own concerns. Particularly if you use a loofah or body cloth, you’ll want to replace it regularly - this can also be a bacterial breeding ground. 

5. Body Wash Can Last Longer 

When it comes to body wash for men, you can really use every last drop. You also have a lot of control over how much you squirt onto your loofah or body cloth.

This simply isn’t the case with a bar of soap. Particularly if you store it in the corner of your shower, bar soap is constantly exposed to shower splashes and standing water that will consistently diminish its size (whether you’re using it a lot or not). 

In this sense, a body wash might be the better buy. 

Find a natural, invigorating body wash here - or, if you still want some bar soap in your life, you can find a liquid body wash and bar soap here. 

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