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Which Beard Style Is Best for Your Face?

Which Beard Style Is Best for Your Face?

All men are created equal. But thank God we don’t all look the same. We shouldn’t all be handling our men’s grooming in exactly the same way either. 

Some guys have a men's grooming game worth imitating. And some guys are rocking beards all wrong for their face shapes.

Yes, you can do a beard wrong. Horribly wrong. How?


Beware of These Beard Blunders

An untamed beast. Even with a beard, you still need a good men’s shaving routine. Use shave cream for men to groom and trim, depending on your beard style. Follow up with natural aftershave. That will leave the skin at your beard’s edge healthy and clean. It prevents irritation and redness too.

A scratchy mess. Your beard should be smooth and touchable. Nobody likes a coarse, dry, tough beard. Use beard oil daily to give your facial hair a smooth, inviting texture. 

An unflattering style. Know your face shape and what flatters you. Then choose an appropriate beard style. Just because a certain style is popular doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Choose the style first and you’re setting yourself up for trouble.


Know Your Face Shape

Look in the mirror. What do you see? Circle - oval - square - rectangle? How about none of the above?

If the idea of identifying your face shape is overwhelming, no worries. Here’s a simple guide:

  • Round: Soft jaw angle. Cheek bones and face about the same length. 
  • Oval: Rounded jaw angle. Forehead larger than jawline. Face longer than cheekbones are wide.
  • Square: Sharp jaw angle. Other features are about equal in size/width.
  • Rectangle: Sharp jaw angle. Longer face with other features equal. 


Men’s Face Shapes

Everybody’s different, but most guys fall into one of these categories:



Go for a beard that will give you a more oval-shaped look. That creates a flattering, masculine appearance.

Keep the sideburns light and wispy. Focus on a longer mustache and chin. Adding some length at the chin creates a vertical visual effect. This elongates your face at the bottom and contributes to the oval shape you’re shooting for.



Guys with a square, boxy face shape need to slim down their look.

Fall into this category? Much like the round face dudes, you want fuller hair on the chin. Keep it short on the sides for the best style. 



Your face is already longer than it is wide. You need to balance that by adding width.

Keep the bottom of your beard trimmed; don’t add excessive length. Fuller facial hair on the sides will complement your face the best. 



You won the face lottery. Well, at least when it comes to your beard options.

An oval-shaped face already has balanced width and length, so most styles look good with it. 


Take Care of Your Beard (And Your Face)

The mass popularity of beards has led to all kinds of new facial hair trends. Some are flattering and stylish. Others are downright ridiculous.

Regardless of what you choose, take good care of your face and facial hair. This simple skincare for men routine will go a long way to making your beard look its best:



Use face wash for men twice daily to remove dirt and other debris your beard has attracted. Follow with face moisturizer for men to hydrate and seal in moisture. Dull, dirty skin will always make your face look bad, no matter how great your beard game is.



Keep that thing trimmed and groomed. A non-lathering natural shave cream for men is best when cleaning up the edges. Follow with organic aftershave. Once daily, apply a small amount of beard oil throughout. It will soften your hairs and give them a natural shine. 


Upgrade Your Style

Already rocking a beard? Make sure it’s flattering your face.

Thinking about growing one soon? Choose a style that will complement your features and give you a masculine look. 

Don’t forget to stick to your men’s grooming routine as you grow and maintain your beard. Use natural skincare for men products to look and feel your best. 

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