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Why We're Called Brickell Men's Products

Why We're Called Brickell Men's Products

Besides “can you please make my wrinkles disappear?” one of the FAQ’s we get from guys around the world is “Where did the name Brickell come from?”

Well, prepare to have the mystery revealed. If you ask us, it’s a pretty interesting story.


Brickell - The Who, What, and Where

Brickell is the financial district of Miami where you’ll find the modern skyscrapers that form this city's impressive oceanfront skyline. In recent years it’s grown into one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the US.

Eye catching residential towers from world renowned firms are going up one after another, offering stunning views to the lucky residents. And the area is filled with modern cafes, award winning restaurants, and unique entertainment spots.

So yeah, it’s a pretty awesome place to work, live, and play.

The posh South Florida neighborhood is named after one of the founders of the city of Miami, William Brickell. Up until the 1970’s, the area was known as “Millionaire’s Row” and was home to lavish mansions for the city’s high class residents.


Brickell - The Why

What does any of this have to do with skincare?  We’re getting there.

Josh and Matt - the co-founders of Brickell Men’s Products - are both from central Maine. But the idea to launch a skincare brand was born 1,678 miles away in sunny Miami.

Josh had recently relocated to South Florida. One day, he was looking at photos and asked his girlfriend at the time why he seemed to look so different in the pictures. Her brutally honest answer?

“Because I photoshopped the wrinkles out of your forehead.”

Ouch. Josh knew it was time to get serious about skincare. But he couldn’t find any brands that seemed right for him. There were almost no skincare companies making products specifically for men. And if there were, they were using harsh ingredients with potential harmful side effects that he wouldn’t want to put anywhere near his skin anyway.


Brickell - The Brand

From those realizations - that aging is relentless, that skincare is essential, and that men deserve top quality skincare products - came the concept for Brickell Men’s Products. Josh and Matt got to work and before long were testing their own products. 

Though they started from humble beginnings - Josh working in his apartment in Miami and Matt in his garage in Maine - they were inspired by the vibrance of the Brickell neighborhood. That feel - the success, the energy, the whole vibe - is what they aimed for with their new brand of natural and organic skincare products for men when Brickell Men's Products officially launched in 2014.


Brickell Men’s Products Today

While we’re constantly inspired by our Miami neighborhood namesake, Brickell Men’s Products is still rooted in Maine. Operations are based out of South Portland where the company remains a DIY, independent business working with local talent to produce the best skincare, grooming, and anti-aging products for men.

All of our manufacturing and production takes place in South Portland, Maine - like these bottles of Invigorating Body Wash rolling off the production line. From our offices and warehouse facility in Maine, we ship samples, bottles, jars, tubes, and boxes of our products all over the world. And we've been busy - we've twice been ranked the fastest growing men's skincare company in the US by Inc. magazine.

We know that every guy who uses our products is unique - but they’re all looking for common results from their skincare products. Healthy, smooth skin. Consistent, dependable results. And the incomparable confidence that comes from knowing you’re taking great care of yourself.

That’s exactly what we aim to deliver - inspired by the diversity, design, and dynamic nature of our favorite neighborhood in Miami - Brickell. 

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