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Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products Category Purpose Consistency Skin Type Anti Aging Benefits When to Use Scent Unscented Version Number of uses
Revitalizing Anti-Aging CreamAnti AgingFirm, reduce wrinkles, hydrateCreamDry/NormalHighNightSweet peppermintYes120
Restoring Eye BalmAnti AgingFirm, reduce wrinkles, hydrateLightweight creamAllHighMorning/NightNoneYes150
Repairing Night SerumAnti AgingReduce inflammation, repair skin cells, firm skinThin lotionAllHighNightSweet peppermintYes150
Reviving Day SerumAnti AgingStimulate collagen production, firm skinThin GelAllHighMorning Sweet peppermintYes120
Daily Essential Face MoisturizerHydrateHydration and protectionLightweight lotionAllMediumMorningSweet peppermintYes150
Purifying Charcoal Face WashCleanseCleanse sensitive/dry skinLiquidSensitive/DryMediumMorning/NightSweet peppermintYes120
Clarifying Gel Face WashCleanseCleanse normal/oily skinGelNormal/OilyMediumMorning/NightSweet peppermintNo120
Rapid Wash (For Hair, Face, & Body)CleanseCleanse normal/oily skinGelNormal/OilyMediumAnytimeVariesNo120
Renewing Face ScrubExfoliateRemove impurities, dead skin, unclog poresGel w small beadsNormal/OilyMediumMorning (3x a week)Green Tea/CoffeeNo110

Hair Products

Hair Products Category Purpose Consistency Hair Type Hair Length When to Use Scent Unscented Version Number of uses
Daily Strengthening ShampooCleanseCleanse & reduce flakesGelAllAllAnytimePeppermint/Tea TreeNo120
Rapid Wash (For Hair, Face, & Body)CleanseCleanse, hydrateGelAllAllAnytimeVariesNo110
Revitalizing Hair ConditionerHydrateCondition hairGelNormal/DryShort to MediumAnytimePeppermint/Tea TreeNo120
Flexible Hold Wax PomadeHoldCreate casual styleWaxAllShort to MediumAnytimeSweet peppermintNo110

Shave Products

Shave Products Category Purpose Consistency Skin Type When to Use Scent Unscented Version Number of uses
Renewing Face ScrubExfoliateSoften whiskersGel w small beadsNormal/OilyMorningGreen Tea/CoffeeNo150
Smooth Brushless Shave CreamShaveLubricates, hydrates and prevents nicksThick CreamAllAnytimeSweet peppermintYes120
Beard OilHydrateCondition, reduce flakes, & irritationOilAllAnytimeLavendar/EucalyptusNo120
Instant Relief AftershaveHydrateHydrate, reduce redness, irritation & ingrown hairsLightweight lotionAllAnytimeSweet peppermintYes120

Body Products

Body Products Category Purpose Consistency Skin Type When to Use Scent Unscented Version Number of uses
Maximum Strength Hand BalmHydrateHydrate, firmLightweight lotionAllAnytimeSweet peppermintYes130
Deep Moisture Body LotionHydrateHydrate, firmLightweight lotionAllAnytimeSweet peppermintYes110
Rapid Wash (For Hair, Face, & Body)CleanseCleanse, hydrateGelAllAnytimeVariesNo120
Mint Soap Scrub BarCleanseCleanse, exfoliateGritty soapAllAnytimePeppermint/EucalyptusNo60
Purifying Charcoal Soap BarCleanseCleansePolished soapAllAnytimePeppermint/Tea TreeNo60
Invigorating Mint Body WashCleanseCleanse, hydrateGel AllAnytimePeppermint/Tea TreeNo110